Introducing Bento Import!

If you are a Bento user, you have probably heard about its demise.  We are sorry to see potential users in pain, so here at Dabitat, we’ve created a simple way for you to move your data from Bento into Dabitat.

Simply upload your exported Bento Library and Dabitat will create a Place with a similar structure and fill it with your records. Even things like Choice field options and Images are included!.

This only works with Bento 4 for Mac.  If you have Bento for iPad, you will need to sync it with your Mac in order to export.

Here are the steps to 
easily import all the information you store in Bento to Dabitat.

First, from within Bento, export your data.

Make sure “Include records in template” is checked if you want to move your data to Dabitat along with the structure.

Then in Finder, right-click on the exported Bento Template file and select Compress.  This creates a single file that Dabitat will import.

Now, from within Dabitat, click on the
plus button in the upper left corner to create a new place.  Then, on the dialogue click the “Import” button and select “Bento 4 Library”
Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 10.01.39 AM

Dabitat presents you with some instructions, which we stepped through above.

Click “Upload Compressed Export File” and browse to your Bento file.
Depending on the size of your file, it may take a few seconds for Dabitat to process.

When it completes, you will have a much better, more useful version of your old Bento data which is always in sync, can be accessed from anywhere, and can be 
shared with others.


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